Some new stuff from Pow Pow Press

Hey everyone! We’ve been pretty busy on the French side of things here at Pow Pow Press. We’ve released a couple of new books we’re really excited about in the last few months and hopefully we’ll find some time to translate some of them in English at some point in the future.

But, in the meantime, we’ve just released a brand new book in English. Well, sort of. Casa Rodeo is the sequel to VII, Thom’s brilliant and award-winning graphic novel we published back in 2017. And, like its predecessor, it is wordless. So we’ll admit it was pretty easy to translate.

Nonetheless, we think you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. From the brilliant cartooning style, which is both inspired by the wacky antics of Chuck Jones’ Looney Tunes and still manages to be its own thing, to the existential questions which underpins its crazy storyline, this is a comic book which feels both totally unique and strangely familiar.

But what’s it about? Well, just check out the description and find out for yourself : “It’s business as usual at the residence of Titus and his motley crew. Champagne baths, reckless scientific experimentations, casual littering. It’s all fun and games, until their house decides it has had enough and goes looking for a better life… leaving the gang without a place to call their own! Will Titus and his friends find a new home, or convince their old one to come back?

Anyway. If this sounds at all like it could be up your alley, we suggest you check it out. Casa Rodeo is out now, from Pow Pow Press.

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