Some new stuff from Pow Pow Press

Hey everyone! We’ve been pretty busy on the French side of things here at Pow Pow Press. We’ve released a couple of new books we’re really excited about in the last few months and hopefully we’ll find some time to translate some of them in English at some point in the future. But, in the […]


Little Russia

In case you hadn’t noticed, things have been a little weird in the past few weeks. It’s a little odd to be releasing a new book in such strange times, but release dates are planned way in advance… and then you’re basically stuck with them no matter what. Look, we get it. People have other […]


Word on the Street

If you couldn’t make it to Canzine last week, don’t worry! On September 22nd, Pow Pow Press is coming back to Toronto for Word on the Street – Canada’s largest open-air book and magazine festival, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary. This time around, we will have books in both French and English. So if […]



Here at Pow Pow Press, we love zine culture. It’s where we’re from. Even though the books we do can’t be described as zines anymore, it’s through making zines we’ve learned most of what we know about making comics. So when the opportunity arose to sponsor Canzine, it felt like a no-brainer : of course […]


MCAF 2019

Hey Montréal! It’s that time of the year again : Pow Pow Press is heading to Parc Lafontaine for the Montréal Comic Arts Festival, which takes place from May 24 to May 26. Come and get your copy of Cathon’s The Pineapples of Wrath and enjoy this tiki murder mystery in the best possible conditions […]


TCAF 2019

Once again, Pow Pow Press will be in Toronto for TCAF. Authors Cathon, Sophie Bédard, Thom, Luc Bossé and Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau will be at the Pow Pow booth all weekend long to sign books and chat with hordes of adoring fans. Premiering at TCAF is The Pineapples of Wrath, Cathon’s hilarious tiki murder mystery […]