For as Long as It Rains



A man and a woman, find themselves in an isolated cabin in a foreign country, unable to go outside because of the pouring rain. For the two of them, it’s as if time itself had been suspended, as if nothing exists, save for the words of love they whisper to each other and the taste of dry sweat on their skins. But something lurks right underneath the surface, in the nameless gap between passion and reason.

Translated by Helge Dascher

Awards and nominations

  • Winner Bédéis Causa 2013 – Grand prix de la ville de Québec
  • Winner Joe Shuster Awards 2013 – Best cartoonist
  • Nominated Bédélys Awards 2013 – Album of the year
  • Nominated Expozine Awards 2013 – Best comic – French

2 reviews for For as Long as It Rains

  1. A smart character study that encompasses sexual desire and emotional need in a frank portrayal of a troubled relationship.


  2. The drawing is superb, capturing mood and time perfectly as the characters play out their parts in a strange, architectural cocoon; very affecting. It also has possibly the best written/drawn sex scene I have yet to read in comic form.


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May 2015




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