Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman



“Funny, empathetic, easy to read and above all very intelligent…”

—Julie Delporte, author of This Woman’s Work

In this unabashed and uncensored personal memoir, author Éloïse Marseille examines her sexual education (and miseducation), from a forbidden first kiss with a female best friend in Catholic school to her exposure to the extremes of online porn, fumbling hookups, and navigating the complexities of lust and love in the modern era… But most importantly of all, the author’s nuanced relationship with her own body, sexuality, and self.

A raw, hilarious, and deeply touching book, Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman makes a powerful case for a sexual politics that is open, demystified, and free of shame.

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  1. Through her sometimes funny and sometimes serious stories, Éloïse Marseille succeeds brilliantly in making us feel less alone in our questions about sexuality. A breath of fresh air that fits perfectly with the mores of our time.


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November 7th 2023




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