The Adventures of Sgoobidoo



Follow Sgoobidoo, famed canine detective, to the corner store, bingo hall and amusement park in a series of feeble intrigues with disappointing endings. Listen to the deafening silence of the broken television set as the wretched Sammy sits waiting for the professor, the prospector or his mother to call with a mission. Accompany the pitiful pooch and his humble human through a series of sad adventures in this collection of stories gathered in the familiar format of an Archie digest, interspersed with ketchup-flavoured games and advertisements.

In The Adventures of Sgoobidoo, Cathon pays homage once again to the B-series movies and detective novels that inspired The Pineapples of Wrath, her popular tiki murder mystery set in the Hawaiian quarter of Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

Translated by Helge Dascher and Robin Lang

3 reviews for The Adventures of Sgoobidoo

  1. The Adventures of Sgoobidoo is a really interesting, really unique book. […] I had a lot of fun reading this!


  2. If canin capers, eccentric humor and retro aesthetics are relevant to your interests, I can’t recommend this book enough!


  3. The Adventures of Sgoobidoo would be a great introduction comic for kids, a most excellent way for them to dip their feet into the world of comics […]. It can also be read as a sort of dark parody of classic kids’ comics, with the occasional touch of nihilistic humour thrown in.


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November 18th 2021






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