Vampire Cousins



Camillia is invited by her cousin Frédérique to return to the old manor house where she spent the best summer of her childhood. But when she gets there, nothing in the sinister landscape she enters corresponds to the fond memories she has always cherished… and the wary people she meets at the village tavern seem to fear the place they call “the Devil’s house.” As for the mysterious Frédérique, she refuses to touch garlic soup, garlic quiche, and garlic scape salad. Vampire Cousins reads like a long-forgotten B-movie…

Awards and nominations

  • Winner Marc-Olivier Lavertu Award 2015 – Album of the the year
  • Nominated Bédélys Awards 2015 – Album of the year
  • Nominated Joe Shuster Awards 2015 – Best writer

3 reviews for Vampire Cousins

  1. Even if you’re experiencing vampire fatigue, don’t let that stop you from checking out this perfect balance between vintage horror and bright-eyed whimsy. There’s no moping or brooding to be found here, only the sort of weird wonderfulness you’d expect in an Ed Wood movie.


  2. Vampire Cousins is mandatory Halloween reading.


  3. The artwork is simple but expressive and perfectly matches the B-movie style humour on every page.


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May 2015




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