The Pow Pow Press holiday special

Or course, we might be a little biased about this. But we think books make for great gifts. Did we say “great”? What we really meant to say was “best”, as in “books make for the best of gifts.” Especially comics. Everybody loves comics.


What we’re really trying to say is that people around you might be expecting gifts in the next few weeks, and instead of giving them anything else we think you should be giving them comics. Pow Pow Press comics, more precisely. Let’s be totally honest with each other here : we’re trying to sell you something.

But, in order to sweeten the deal, we’ve come up with a special holiday offer : order any book before the end of the wretched year known as 2016 and we’ll send you a free 2017 calendar. We’ll also add two fancy drink coasters for every book you order. Order three books and you’ll receive the complete set!

Shipping is free in Canada for any order over 39$.


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