MCAF 2019

pineapples_coverHey Montréal! It’s that time of the year again : Pow Pow Press is heading to Parc Lafontaine for the Montréal Comic Arts Festival, which takes place from May 24 to May 26. Come and get your copy of Cathon’s The Pineapples of Wrath and enjoy this tiki murder mystery in the best possible conditions : outside, in the sun, with a cool, refreshing drink…

MCAF is a lot of fun and most of our authors will be there to enjoy the weekend, let the good times roll and possibly sign a few books on the side. Zviane, Thom, Alexandre Simard, Luc Bossé, Sophie Bédard, Samuel Cantin, Cathon, Al Gofa, Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau, François Vigneault, Meags Fitzgerald, Michel Hellman and Julie Delporte will all be there at some point during the course of the weekend. Here’s the official signing schedule for the Pow Pow booth.

13-15: Zviane
13-15: Michel Hellman
13-16: Sophie Bédard
14-17: Cathon
15-16: Meags Fitzgerald
15-17: Alexandre Simard
15-17: Luc Bossé
17-19: Al Gofa
17-19: François Vigneault
17-19: Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau
10-12: Samuel Cantin
10-13: Al Gofa
11-13: Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau
11-14: Cathon
12-14: Thom
13-15: Sophie Bédard
14-15: Michel Hellman
14-16: Julie Delporte
15-17: Alexandre Simard
15-17: Luc Bossé
15-18: Samuel Cantin
14-15: Michel Hellman
16-18: Sophie Bédard
16-18: Meags Fitzgerald
17-18: François Vigneault
10-12: Thom
10-12: Samuel Cantin
10-13: Sophie Bédard
11-14: Cathon
12-14: Alexandre Simard
12-14: Luc Bossé
13-15: Zviane
13-15: Samuel Cantin
14-17: Al Gofa
15-17: François Vigneault
15-17: Julie Delporte
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