Give the gift of Pow Pow (and get a free 2022 calendar, too)

If you’re still scrambling to find holiday gifts for the folks on your list, might we suggest a graphic novel from Pow Pow Press? We’ve got over 20 English-language titles (plus many more in French, if your friends and family parlent français) in every genre and style you can imagine, from goofy comedies to powerful dramas, from some of the best comic book creators out there.

What’s more, you’ll also get a pretty sweet bonus: With every order on our website you’ll receive a free copy of our 2023 calendar, featuring new, exclusive artwork from 12 of our creators! We’ll let you decide if you want to pass it along to someone on your list or just keep it for yourself.

Not to mention that you get free shipping within Canada on orders of $59 and more! Basically, that’s what we call a win-win-win.

Here are a couple of highlights from our catalog your loved ones are sure enjoy:

For the history buff: Little Russia by Francis Desharnais

Your grandpa might know everything about the Battle of the Somme and the Quiet Revolution, but does he know the story of Guyenne? A small village in Abitibi, Guyenne is run as a cooperative, with 50% of the inhabitants’ paychecks going into a communal pot to develop the colony—hence the village’s nickname of “Little Russia.” Based on the memories of author Francis Desharnais’ grandparents, who lived in Guyenne from 1948 to 1968, Little Russia delves into family history to explore Quebec’s rural heritage through the lens of both grassroots socialism and early feminism. Winner of multiple “Best Book” awards, Little Russia is a fascinating foray into an unusual and largely forgotten social experiment.

For the mystery lover (with a sense of humour): The Pineapples of Wrath by Cathon

Is your roommate addicted to true crime podcasts and can’t wait for the next season of Only Murders in the Building? Then book her a trip to visit to the (entirely fictitious) Hawaiian district of Trois-Rivières, where the amateur detective Marie-Plum investigates the suspicious death of her next-door neighbour, a former limbo champion who appears to have suffered from a fatal piña colada overdose. An absolutely goofy and hilarious tribute to tiki kitsch that will have readers laughing out loud, The Pineapples of Wrath is also a genuinely surprising and suspenseful who-done-it that will keep even your pal turning the pages to find out what’s gonna happen next! For an even more absurd take on the mystery genre, don’t miss Cathon’s spoof The Adventures of Sgoobidoo, either.

For your bestie (the one who’s been with you through it all): Lonely Boys by Sophie Bedard
Do you have a friend who you love to death? As in you literally wanna strangle her sometimes? No matter if you and your bestie are going through the drama of your twenties as we speak or it’s all just a somewhat blurry memory, both of you are sure to see a bit of yourselves in Ella, Jen, and Lucie, estranged roommates who are unexpectedly reunited in this Doug Wright Award-winning graphic novel. Lonely Boys brilliantly captures life as a twenty-something in all its pain and glory, showcasing the ups and downs of  work, sex,  romance, and most importantly of all, friendship. Regardless if your buddy binges Friends, Girls, or Insecure, she’ll definitely love Lonely Boys. Bonus: Don’t miss out on Sophie Bedard’s four-volume series Almost Summer either: All the drama of high school in comics form!