Pow Pow at Angoulême

The Pow Pow team is headed to the Angoulême International Comics Festival! We’re setting up shop at kiosque N53 in the Nouveau Monde tent (Place New York). Pow Pow powerhouses Luc Bossé and Chloé Legault will be joined by our amazing creators Boum (the forthcoming The Jellyfish), Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau (Vampire Cousins), Joana Mosi (The Mongoose, coming out in English this fall) and Chris Oliveros (Are You Ready to Die For the Cause? out in English from our friends at Drawn & Quarterly). With a special focus on Canadian comics and BD at this year’s Festival, you know we’re representing the best comics from our community!

Naturally we’ll mostly be representing our French titles at the show, but if you are an anglophone and you find yourself lost in the whirling maelstrom of comics goodness that is Angoulême this weekend, make sure to stop by and say hi, we’re a very friendly bunch and we’ll make you feel right at home!

Signing Schedule

Thursday January 25
Boum: 15h-17h
Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau: 13h-15h | 17h-19h
Joana Mosi: 15h-17h
Chris Oliveros: 13h-15h | 17h-19h

Friday January 25
Boum: 13h-15h | 17h-19h
Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau: 11h-13h | 15h-17h
Joana Mosi: 13h-15h | 17h-19h
Chris Oliveros: 11h-13h | 15h-17h

Saturday January 25
Boum: 10h-11h | 14h-16h | 18h-20h
Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau: 12h-14h | 16h-18h
Joana Mosi: 10h-12h | 14h-16h
Chris Oliveros: 12h-14h | 16h-18h

Sunday January 25
Boum: 12h-14h | 16h-18h
Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau: 10h-12h | 14h-16h
Joana Mosi: 12h-14h
Chris Oliveros: 10h-12h | 14h-16h

Panels & Interviews

Thursday, January 24 10:00 — Interview with the author, moderated by Sylvain Lemay, L’Alpha – médiathèque de Grand Angoulême. More Info.

Saturday, January 27 11:00 — Interview moderated by Cathia Engelbach, lLespace Nouveau Monde.

Chris Oliveros
Friday, January 26 6:00pm — Interview with BARU, Conservatoire Auditorium.

Sunday, January 28 12:45pm — The author of Are You Ready to Die for the Cause? invites you to dive into the inspiration for his book and learn more about a key period in Quebec history that led to the October Crisis at the Canada Pavilion.