Pascal Girard

auteur_pascal_2Most of Pascal Girard’s bios state that he’s been drawing “since forever”. That’s a lie. No one has been drawing “since forever”. That’s impossible and illogical.

Pascal Girard isn’t able to remember the exact moment when he started drawing. But he knows everything has to start somewhere, and he is most certain that before that single instant where he started drawing he obviously did not draw. That’s always how it goes. He is pretty sure, however, that his first book was published in 2006 and that ever since then he has written a few more : Bigfoot, Reunion and Petty Theft, just to name a few. When he isn’t working on a specific project, Pascal keeps on drawing. Dessins offers us a peek into his day-to-day work. It’s his first book for Pow Pow Press.

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