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“One of the most beautiful graphic novels I’ve ever read… The Jellyfish is exquisite.”
—Kate Leth, author of Mall Goth

“What an accomplishment! This book is beautiful… I loved this character and this story!”
—Lucy Knisley, author of Relish

Odette is a twenty-something year old with their own place, a steady job at a local bookstore, an adorable pet rabbit, and a budding crush on one of their customers. But Odette is haunted by something only they can see: a jellyfish that’s floating in their eye, blocking their vision. It’s a seemingly minor annoyance…until the jellyfish starts multiplying.

Showcasing stunning and inventive artwork by Boum (Boumeries), The Jellyfish is a tour-de-force of graphic storytelling, a powerful, occasionally terrifying story of facing the thing that we fear the most and finding a light to guide us through the darkness.

Translated by Robin Lang and Helge Dascher

Awards and nominations

  • Winner, Bédéis Causa – Grand Prix Québec BD 2023 (Best Book)
  • Winner, Prix de la critique ACBD – Best Book 2023
  • Winner, Trois-Rivières Book Fair – Best Book 2023
  • Finalist, Prix des Libraires Quebec – Best Graphic Novel 2024
  • Finalist, Prix BD des collégiens – Best Graphic Novel 2024
  • Finalist, Bédélys Award – Best Book Quebec 2023
  • Booklist Starred Review – April 2024
  • Les Libraires Recommend – Selection January 2023

5 reviews for The Jellyfish

  1. “Not only is The Jellyfish one of the most beautiful graphic novels I’ve ever read, it goes straight for the heart and doesn’t let up. Boum is a master of her craft… The Jellyfish is exquisite.”


  2. “What an accomplishment! This book is beautiful and cool and such a fascinating look into the denial and struggle one goes through when dealing with sensory degradation. I loved this character and this story!”


  3. “This is such a unique and clever visual interpretation of what it’s like to literally lose your senses. And Boum’s thoughtful, skillful linework and endearing character designs are a treat for the eyes, no pun intended.”


  4. “For the curious, I came away from The Jellyfish sobbing… I was unprepared for how quickly it came upon me and how multilayered it turned out to be. Waves of emotions passed through me and I… found myself changed for the better, with one more book to recommend.”


  5. “Boum goes beyond simply telling stories about stereotype-defeating disabled characters to communicating what it is like to experience the world with blindness. An amazing and essential addition to high-school, academic, and public library collections.”


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