Vile and Miserable



Lucius Vile works in a used bookstore that doubles as a used car dealership. With his coworkers who seemingly hate his guts, a therapist whose methods aren’t quite sound, an annoying new assistant named Daniel, and Groundhog Day coming soon, let’s just say things are getting a bit hectic for Lucius…

But who cares, right? Because today, it’s Halloween.

Awards and nominations

  • Nominated Bédéis Causa 2013 – Grand prix de la ville de Québec
  • Nominated Bédélys Awards 2013 – Album of the year
  • Nominated Marc-Olivier Lavertu Award 2013

1 review for Vile and Miserable

  1. After a successful Kickstarter, Montreal’s Editions Pow Pow have launched a series of English translations of their graphic novels. And with laughs and winces in equal measure, Samuel Cantin’s Vile and Miserable suggests that a major new player might have arrived.


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May 2015