Vile and Miserable



“A razor-sharp and often uncomfortable dark comedy that will leave readers… cringing as much as laughing.”

—Tom Murphy, Broken Frontier

Lucius Vile is a demon condemned to work in a used car dealership-cum-bookstore. With coworkers who seemingly hate his guts, a therapist whose methods aren’t quite sound, an annoying new assistant named Daniel, and a sex life that could be kindly described as highly complicated, let’s just say things are getting a bit hectic for Lucius… But who cares, right? Because today, it’s Halloween, Lucius’s favorite day of the year. Animated by an absurd and transgressive sense of humour, Vile and Miserable is raw, laugh-out-loud comedy of terrors for grown-ups.

Awards and nominations

  • Nominated Bédéis Causa 2013 – Grand prix de la ville de Québec
  • Nominated Bédélys Awards 2013 – Album of the year
  • Nominated Marc-Olivier Lavertu Award 2013

1 review for Vile and Miserable

  1. After a successful Kickstarter, Montreal’s Editions Pow Pow have launched a series of English translations of their graphic novels. And with laughs and winces in equal measure, Samuel Cantin’s Vile and Miserable suggests that a major new player might have arrived.


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May 2015




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